Why Norwex Microfibers?

  • 1/200 of the thickness of a human hair (regular microfibers are 1/6 the thickness of hair.) This helps the cloth to pick up much more dirt!
  • Removes up to 99% of bacteria with just water. No need for harmful chemicals like bleach and clorox!
  • Holds up to 7x its weight in liquid. Great for cleaning up spills!
  • Baclock Micro Silver self-purifies the cloth within 24 hours. 
  • Inhibits mold, fungus and bacterial odors. You're dirty cloths don't smell bad!
  • Replaces all-purpose cleaners and paper towels. Save money, avoid harmful chemicals, and save forrest trees!
  • Many cloths available for everything from dusting and scrubbing to mopping and polishing. 

Jean Welles

My Norwex Story

My niece called me last December and told me all about special cleaning cloths she had purchased from a company called Norwex. Although they have been around for 25 years, I had never heard of them. She was impressed that you can clean windows and mirrors with these cloths and the results were completely streak-free using just water.

Intrigued, I told her I wanted to buy them too. She surprised me by giving the basic set as a Christmas gift. I've always been a health conscious person and I was excited at the concept of cleaning, disinfecting, removing makeup, washing my car, and much more with just water!

I Love these cloths, and although I've never been a huge cleaning fanatic, I now love using all of the Norwex line. It's a faster, healthier, and fun way to clean. I'm also impressed with how long they last. Even after 15 years, people are still using the same dusting mitt and cleaning cloths! 

A good place to start is the Basic Package

Makeup Removal Cloth

There are two cloths that can remove makeup with just water. One is called the body cloth and this one is specifically call the Makeup Removal Cloth. Here's a video that Melinda made about the makeup removal cloth. I love the Body Cloth too! The Baby Body Cloth is amazing - Available HERE

Baby Body Cloth

Our Core Products

Sonya demos 5 of our most popular products. They are available in a bundle called 'Safe Haven 5'. They are a great way to get started. Stop buying chemical cleaning products when you can get your home even cleaner with just water!

More Info and Order HERE

Car Wash Mitt & Cloth

Click To Request Free Samples

All our products have a 60 day Money-Back Guarantee, but if you'd like to try sample of a couple of our best sellers, click the button below to request them. They are the Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth which can clean of your home with just water!

Body Cloth - Shaving Cream?

I love the body cloth now use 2 Body Mitts in the shower. Yes, with no soap. There are a ton of folks in the FaceBook Group raving about how good their skin looks now. 

My friend Matt found it 'ASTOUNDING' that he could shave without shaving cream with just our body cloth, water, and a simple razor. 

Enviro Cloth

Fruit/Veggie Cloth + Body Balm

This is Heidi's foot the first day after using our Veggie Fruit Scrub Cloth and our Body Balm! There were several other images just like this posted on FaceBook.


Enviro Cloth + UPP Laundry D.

Why Ditch Chemical Cleaners?

Norwex vs. Other Cleaning Methods

I love how Norwex products clean so FAST but there is another reason to consider changing the way you clean. The video above talks about all the 'untested' chemicals that are in our products. These can be very dangerous to your health. In fact, that's what the labels say!!